Preparing Homemade Meals for Your Dog

dog-mealPreparing homemade dog food can be one of the healthiest ways to feed your dog.

It certainly is more economical.  It will guarantee that your pet is not getting any unhealthy additives and you can cater the ingredients to your dog’s specific health needs.

When preparing the dog food, you can make use of seasonal vegetables and available meats. You can also make one batch that can last several days and just store them in the freezer.

The Basics of Economical Dog Food

Healthy grains such as oatmeal, buckwheat, brown rice, and barley can be used as the base of your dog food. This should be about half of your dog’s diet. Your dog’s digestion of the food will be better if the grains are cooked well and run through the food processor.

Good quality proteins from meat should make up 25% of a well-balanced canine diet. When initially feeding your dog homemade meals, cook the meat well and as your dog’s body gets used to the food, gradually lessen the cooking time. The flavor of meats added to the grains makes it more appealing to the dog.

Fresh vegetables and fruits can complete your homemade dog food. Green leafy and cruciferous vegetables are ideal ingredients. These include broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and spinach. You can give raw vegetables, which has more nutritional value, but some dogs have difficulty digesting these. When giving those, cut the vegetables finely or mash them up since some dogs don’t bother chewing. Avoid onions and garlic since they can cause anemia if ingested in high amounts.

You can mix and match the ingredients and make them into stews or casseroles. You can use a variety of other types of ingredients so that your dog will not get tired of always eating the same kind of food. Also, make sure that your dog is not allergic to anything you feed it. Giving it the same food all the time can trigger allergic reactions or obesity.


How to Introduce your Dog to a Homemade Diet

If your dog is not used to eating the homemade dog food, introduce it gradually. You can start by mixing dry kibble with some homemade dog food. Do not use anything spicy, add seasoning, or include cured meats. Gradually increase the amount of homemade food and lessen the kibble until your dog is used to the homemade dog food.

Useful Links
– Both photos of this article are taken from this great homemade food recipe 🙂


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