Popular Breeds to Adopt as Family Dogs

Thousands of dogs in shelters all over the country need good homes. They deserve another chance since most of them are usually abandoned because their owners have grown tired of them or can no longer care for them, not because the dogs have behavioral or physical issues. All kinds of dogs can end up in shelters, from purebreds to crossbreeds.

Although crossbreeds can make fantastic pets, some people may be looking for a specific breed when adopting a rescue dog. For those who have families and are looking to adopt a rescue dog, five popular breeds are:

Newfoundland –the Newfoundland breed is a gentle giant to have at home. They are relatively easy to train, are laid back, and patient with children. They are known for their natural ability to swim and have a placid (bordering on lazy) temperament. This makes them perfect for families with growing children. They are huge, cuddly, and gentle with kids.


Pug – the size of a pug is perfect for start-up families who do not have too much space to spare for a large breed of dog. They are sociable and love being in the company of humans, sometimes even more than other dogs. They can develop strong bonds with children and do not mind playing with them for hours. They are not known to be aggressive and can be a bundle of joy with one-of-a-kind personalities. Pugs are easy to maintain because their coats are short and they also look adorable.

Labrador retriever – this is considered the most popular breed of dog in general. They are known to be the ultimate family dogs. They are quite energetic and will need to be taken out on walks every day or else they will end up hyperactive at home. Labrador retrievers might need obedience training.  Also, they mature late compared to other breeds and will exhibit puppy-like behavior until 3 years old.


Collie – most of us grew up watching Lassie and perhaps have dreamed of having a dog like her. Collies are ideal family pets and are wonderful with children. Since they are active dogs, they will need to be exercised daily. They have long coats that need regular grooming to prevent tangles.


Bulldog – this is one of the breeds that have a lot of character. Bulldogs can snore, fart, snort and can be extremely lazy. You may have to force them to go out for a walk. But they are docile, loyal, and great with growing children. They also get along with other household pets. You will have to watch their diet because they can quickly gain weight.



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